Macedonia United Methodist Church

2547 Holbrook Campground Road
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004
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Services held every Sunday:

Contemporary -   9:00am
Traditional -   11:00 am
On months with a fifth Sunday, a combined service is held at 10:00am.
Communion held on the first Sunday of every month.
Pastor David

Message From the Pastor

Dear Church Family,
As you look through this website, you will notice something: Love. Look at the Love you see in each face. The Love it took to put this site together. The Love that brings us together (for worship and all our activites). We are not bound as a church family by anything other than love. It is God who draws us to Himself with unconditional love. The same love that we strive to sare with one another and return to our Heavenly Father. Every time we look through these pages or look for contact information, we need to remind ourselves of the love we share. My prayer is that this site will be a tool to love each other more deeply, and thus love God. I see Jesus' love in each of you.


The church began with the donation of forty acres by Jessie C. Holbrook for religious purposes in the year 1839. The first church on the site was built around 1840. There is no record of how long this building was used. It is thought by some of the older members that the present building was built sometime between 1865 and 1883. It is believed that the Civil War which began in 1861 had some effect on the church as some of the young men had to join the fighting. The church bagan as Macedonia Methodist Episcopal and changed to Macedonia Methodist Church South in 1844, Macedonia Methodist Church in 1939 and Macedonia United Methodist Church in 1969. The district changed as well, beginning as part of eight churches in the Cherokee Circuit, Marietta in 1883, part of the Liverpool Circuit in 1901 and part of the Holbrook Circuit in 1911. The church got its first full time pastor, Jerry Sims,in 1986. The current building has gone through several changes, beginning as a one-room structure with two front doors and a roof made from hand cut wooden shingles. The current pews were purchased in 1965. Sunday School classrooms were added and a porch built on the front with a Fellowship Hall, kitchen, bathrooms and a steeple added later. (The steeple was removed in 2017 during roof repair work.) The interior has been remodeled several times with new padding for the pews, carpet and a choir loft, which was added in 1988. The family of William E. Purcell donated the bricks for the church exterior in 1972. The brick parsonage was built and first occupied by the Rev. Sam Matthews who came to the church in June 1972. In 1983, an organ was purchased for the church sanctuary. In the late 1990s, we acquired new tables and chairs for our Sunday School rooms, a baby grand piano, stained glass windows, new roofing, and choir robes.